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Introduce a touch of whimsical charm to your garden with our handmade Forget-Me-Not Blue Fairy Door. Crafted from solid wood, this delightful door features a charming yellow resin window and is finished with a UV-safe coating to protect it from the sun's rays. Weatherproof and resistant to the elements, this enchanting Fairy Door is the perfect addition to any garden or home. Let your imagination run wild as you create a magical world where gnomes can come and go as they please through this charming Forget-Me-Not Blue Fairy Door.

Forget-Me-Not Blue

  • -Height: 7 inches

    -Width: 4.75 inches

    -Depth: 0.7 inches

    -Solid wood

    -Yellow resin window

    -Metal doorknob

    -Metal door knocker

    -1 Rhinestone crystal glass bead

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